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Thousands of construction workers are injured every year and many are killed. Unfortunately, Philadelphia is no stranger to construction accidents—from demolitions gone wrong to crane accidents—that often result in serious or deadly injuries to both workers and innocent passersby.

Construction accidents include:

  • toxic exposure
  • demolition accidents
  • explosions
  • welding accidents
  • crane accidents
  • scaffolding failure
  • equipment malfunction
  • collapsed walls

Being a construction worker is demanding and dangerous. Construction accidents injure or kill thousands of workers every year. These accidents occur when safety on the construction site is not a priority. State and Federal law requires employers to provide a safe work environment. If a company’s safety program is not enforced, or non-existent, workers will not be sufficiently trained and accidents will happen.

No matter what the cause or nature of the injury, an injured worker is entitled to compensation and the best medical care possible. Regardless if their injuries are the fault of their employer, co-worker, or a separate company, the law ensures that injured workers are compensated.


If you have been injured in a construction accident, get prompt medical attention for your injuries and report the injury to your employer. If you have been injured from a building collapse, electrical fire, powerline, forklift, by falling objects, insufficient training, poor safety precautions and oversight, crane accidents, hoist accidents, harness accidents, collapsed structures, improper use or maintenance of equipment, compressed gases, mechanical hazards, exposure to toxic substances, or other construction accidents, you are entitled to compensation. Even if you are injured due to your own carelessness, you are covered and entitled to a lawyer.

Here at ThePhillyLawyers we will make sure you receive all the money to which you are entitled. ThePhillyLawyers are experienced and familiar with all Federal and State Construction Site regulations and policies. We work closely with employers, insurance companies, and in some cases, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). And when investigating your case, we will look closely at all the evidence and parties involved.

ThePhillyLawyers will send our forensic specialist team out to the site and conduct a detailed investigation, photographing the scene and any equipment faulty involved, and will seek out all witnesses and documentation leading up to and following your injury. A thorough investigation by trained professionals is essential to the success of your injury case.

In a personal injury lawsuit, the construction worker must prove that a third party was negligent, and this negligence led to their injury. A negligent third party might be the owner, architect, contractor, or equipment manufacturer. General contractors, as well as all subcontractors, are responsible for providing appropriate safety provisions and ensuring that a construction site is reasonably safe. If an injury was caused by a defective product such as a ladder, drill, or forklift, you can also recover compensation from the maker or seller of that product.

Remember, it is often illegal for an employer to fire, demote, transfer, or otherwise retaliate against a worker for exercising their rights under the law. Construction injuries are some of the most serious and complicated cases. You will need the most experienced and committed lawyers at your side.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident, call ThePhillyLawyers today for a free consultation.