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Theft relates to a wide range of crimes. Robbery, insurance fraud, auto theft, and many white-collar crimes are considered theft offenses. Depending on the charges, you may need an attorney who can provide a strong defense that you have been misidentified, or an attorney with a team of forensic accounts and computer experts.

If you are charged with theft, your potential penalties (including jail time) depend on how much you are accused of taking. It is important that your attorney is willing and able to fight to keep this amount as low as possible.

If you are charged with theft, there are many potential negative consequences for you, including a prison sentence and felony charges. Without a skilled criminal defense lawyer, you are at the mercy of the government.


At ThePhillyLawyers we have the experience and knowledge to protect your rights, and we will work hard to lessen the negative outcomes your case may have—including getting a lesser sentence, having the charges reduced, minimalizing any restitution you must repay, or even having your case dismissed.

ThePhillyLawyers handles a variety of theft cases, including:

  • auto theft
  • shoplifting
  • burglary
  • fraud and embezzlement
  • insurance and mortgage fraud
  • robbery
  • financial crimes
  • theft of services
  • theft by deception
  • receiving stolen property
  • white-collar crimes

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