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What to do if stopped by customs with drugs

Posted on December 10th, 2015

Last Saturday in Philadelphia, twenty pounds of cocaine were seized by customs at the Philadelphia International Airport. By any account, this is a very large amount of cocaine. In this situation, the cocaine does not appear to have been taken from any single person, but rather from bags found in the cargo hold.

This raises the important question as to what to do when you are searched by customs officials. We must understand that our regular constitutional rights and freedom from being searched do not apply in an airport setting. No one has a constitutional right to board an airplane and therefore one must comply with the safety standards. Obviously, the best way not to be stopped with contraband when coming on or off an airplane is to make sure that one never has contraband. Sometimes, however, people mistakenly leave certain things in their luggage.  (more…)

When hospitals make us sicker

Posted on November 12th, 2015

Recently, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that an inordinate amount of infections were contracted by patients of open-heart surgery at two local hospitals.

In the article, Penn State Hershey Medical Center admitted that they were contacting over 2,300 patients who they feared could be exposed to infections during open-heart surgery. It is believed that the infections were caused by circulating water being aerosolized through an exhaust vent of heater coils used on the bypass machine during surgery. (more…)

What happens when a person injures children in a school bus?

Posted on October 31st, 2015

A school bus accident reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer raises the important question of who is responsible when passengers on a school bus are injured. The article titled “Driver in fatal Lehigh U-team bus Crash Identified”, speculates that a driver fleeing the police after a traffic stop caused the accident. Even in a situation where the accident was caused by the criminal conduct of another, there is still the ability to recover financially for injuries. Too often, those engaged in criminal activity are driving an uninsured or stolen motor vehicle. In this situation, the passengers of the school bus and the driver will contact their own Under-Insured Motorist Coverage.  (more…)

It’s time to change how the legal system judges people for the rest of their lives

Posted on October 23rd, 2015

A recent editorial in the New York Times discusses the important topic of criminal records and their effect on people’s ability to work and reintegrate in society. In this age of hyper vigilance and excess information, employers more and more are using background checks as an initial way of weeding out potential employees. We have gotten to a situation where any individual with a criminal background is essentially precluded from ever holding employment. This is obviously a ridiculous result. This is not limited to restrictions making sense, such as keeping dangerous people out of schools, but extends to every area and profession. (more…)