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Why you want your lawyer to be a cyclist

Posted on November 24th, 2015

Philadelphia is the land of lawyers. Arlo Guthrie famously sang about the legendary Philadelphia lawyers in his song Philadelphia Lawyer. Looking in the Webster’s Dictionary for the definition of “Philadelphia lawyer” one sees the reputation that Philadelphia has for tenacious and creative lawyers. So in the city of so many lawyers how does one find the best? Intelligence and creativity are essential elements of any lawyer. New studies published in both The New York Times and Bicycling Magazine suggest that if you want a smart and creative lawyer with a finely-tuned brain, then you want a cyclist.

Bicycling Magazine recently cited a study finding those with greater leg power sustained their cognitive ability and brain health far longer than their weaker-legged counterparts. The New York Times examines a recent study showing that exercise not only improves one’s cognitive abilities, but can change the brain, making it stronger.

So this begs the question: why a cyclist and not just some physically fit person? Second to mental well-being, it is important to have a lawyer who is cool and relaxed under pressure. According to other studies, cycling outside year round makes people more balanced. Avoiding outdoor activity misses this opportunity to be emotionally balanced, stable, and connect with nature. This connection with nature is important for good brain health. The study found that those who exercise in wooded areas are far more relaxed and have far better stimulation in their brain than those who exercise indoors or on tracks.

Attorney R. Emmett Madden at ThePhillyLawyers is a committed cyclist, putting in over 150 miles a week, outdoors, and riding throughout Pennsylvania.

If you want a lawyer who is committed to you, and the sharpest and strongest litigator in the courthouse, then you should hire R. Emmett Madden of ThePhillyLawyers.  As a member of both Guy’s Racing team and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s team, Wheels for Justice, attorney R. Emmett Madden is an avid cyclist and committed litigator.

Next week, look for news on how Roast Pork and I.P.A.’s make better lawyers.