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How to tell if you have a million dollar personal injury case

Posted on June 11th, 2015

The most important factor in determining the value of your personal injury case is your injuries. The more serious your injury, the more your case is worth. For a case to be worth a significant amount of money, there must be serious and permanent injuries. These may include loss of limbs, brain damage, injuries requiring multiple surgeries, or loss of major senses such as sight or hearing. Back and neck injuries can also be serious life changing injuries, causing paralysis or other severe limitations. These types of injuries are not always immediately apparent and sometimes require multiple surgeries. If you have suffered serious bodily injury then you deserve to be compensated appropriately.

A good attorney ensures that your injuries are properly documented. The best documentation is through medical treatment. Second to improving your health is documenting your injuries. Your opinions and other observations as to how an injury has affected your life is only one part of this documentation.

Medical testimony is essential in proving damages, so it is important that you are treated by a respected doctor. Failure to treat with the appropriate medical professional will prolong your pain and suffering. Even if you have lost a limb or one of your senses, you can still see significant improvement through treatment and physical therapy. It is essential that you go to only the best doctors who can help you heal. R. Emmett Madden and ThePhillyLawyers work with a wide network of the best doctors and physical therapists in the area who can make sure that you receive the best treatment possible.


Proving liability is often difficult. People are reluctant to accept responsibility. If you have a strong liability argument, it significantly improves the value of your case. You need an attorney who will hire the proper experts—whether it be mechanical engineers, traffic reconstructionists, or others who can give their expert testimony. You need a strong litigator who is prepared to spend the money up front ensuring that the responsible person is held accountable.


Normally, a personal injury lawsuit is settled from insurance proceeds of the responsible party. If, however, someone with little or no insurance has injured you, there are often other places where an experienced attorney can find coverage.

If you have been injured by a corporate defendant or an employee of a company, there may be significant insurance to appropriately compensate you for your damages. Doing a thorough investigation ensures all parties have been investigated and all possible insurance is accessed. Leaving no stone unturned is your lawyer’s duty.

Actions of the defendant

Often times, what a defendant does after an accident can have an effect on your settlement. If the defendant had been drinking or lied to cover up their wrongdoing, this may have a significant impact on the case value. It is important to explain all these details to your attorney. It is also important that your attorney investigates the entire situation. A defendant who acts in a particularly heinous and unethical manner can often be forced to pay extra and punitive damages.

Zealous advocacy

It is important to have an attorney who makes himself available to you, an attorney you can trust, and one who takes the time to understand how your injuries have impacted your life. Such an attorney will be able to describe in great and emotional detail how you have suffered and why your case is worth more than a similarly situated person. Only with this type of representation can you get the maximum settlement out of your case.

If you believe that you have a serious and significant personal injury claim, then you need an attorney who is willing to do all of these things and more. Please call ThePhillyLawyers for a free consultation.