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The special consequences facing immigrants with criminal charges

Posted on March 25th, 2015

Whether you are in this country with proper documentation or without the proper documentation (sometimes incorrectly referred to as “illegal”) there are significant collateral consequences facing any non-U.S. citizen who is charged with a crime. The possible consequences are complicated and vary depending on one’s exact immigration status. Whether one holds a green card, student visa, or has no papers, can make a big difference. Depending on your status, the length of your punishment determines if you are permitted to remain in the United States and become an American citizen. For non-citizens, the specific charges to which you plead or are found guilty may be a determining factor for future citizenship.

Immigrants facing criminal charges need to take extra precautions to ensure that they are protected. You need a lawyer who works closely with experts in immigration law to guarantee that you do not ruin any chance you have of staying in the United States or of becoming a citizen.

Foreign students facing criminal charges and disciplinary action 

College students often make poor choices. Unfortunately, for the foreign exchange student studying in the United States, there are severe consequences if you are charged with a crime and face disciplinary action. Students on a visa lose their right to stay in the United States if suspended or expelled. Foreign students need to be cautious. If you are a foreign student and are accused of wrongdoing, the sooner you find an attorney the better.

There are two important situations facing any foreign student accused of wrongdoing. The first is the internal disciplinary procedures of your school. The second hurdle is potential criminal charges. Any pending criminal charges effect your immigration status and student eligibility.

If you are facing disciplinary action or criminal charges as a foreign student, you must consult an attorney who understands both school and criminal law.