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Winning cases that others were afraid to take

Posted on October 15th, 2014

While standing outside a Philadelphia bar, Jack was harassed by a group of rowdy drunks. He took the high road and did his best to ignore them. Later that night, as he and his girlfriend were walking to his car, this group came speeding at him in their car. Jack recognized the driver as the same person with whom he had argued earlier. The car struck Jack. He was dragged down the street, knocked unconscious, and transported to the emergency room.

His injuries were life changing, but he couldn’t find a lawyer to take his case. Other lawyers told him that because criminal charges had been brought against the driver, the insurance company would not cover the intentional act that altered Jack’s life.

Jack lost his job and was on the verge of losing his home. He had almost given up hope. Then a friend told him to call attorney Emmett Madden at ThePhillyLawyers.

ThePhillyLawyers found Jack a lawyer to win his disability case, helping Jack receive supplemental income until the personal injury matter was resolved.

Emmett Madden and the attorneys of ThePhillyLawyers fought tirelessly for Jack, hiring experts, naming additional guilty defendants, and fighting for every last dime Jack deserved. After arbitrations and trials, Jack received a full and complete six-figure award.

If you have been struck by a drunk driver or by someone who is charged with an intentional offense, do not give up. Do what Jack did and call R. Emmett Madden at ThePhillyLawyers where they fight for you.