Violent crimes

Violent crimes include charges for homicide, rape, arson, manslaughter, weapons crimes, and aggravated assault. Non-death penalty cases can include anything from 1st degree murder, which is premeditated murder, to involuntary manslaughter, which is the reckless, unintentional killing of another.

Being charged with a violent crime is a serious charge with long-term consequences. You need a skilled, experienced, and aggressive attorney to mount an effective defense on your behalf.

In order to defend someone against a capital or death penalty crime, an attorney must be specifically qualified and approved by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Only the most dedicated and seasoned attorneys are permitted to defend those facing the ultimate penalty, death.

To mount an effective defense against capital murder charges, you need an attorney who can fight not only to prove your innocence, but a law firm that has a team of Mitigation Specialists and attorneys who will literally save your life.

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