Domestic violence

Domestic violence by definition is often a crime of passion. Just as high passions often lead to a quick arrest, people often hope that their legal troubles will quickly disappear. In order for this to happen, you need an attorney familiar with the police, courts, and prosecutors who deals with these cases on a daily basis. You need an attorney who understands the complicated relationships and dynamics that often result in police intervention and arrest.

Domestic violence can often result in high bails and defendants held in jail. When this happens, you need an attorney who knows what makes a difference to judges, prosecutors, and police, when asking to release a suspect of domestic violence.

At ThePhillyLawyers we have a network of counselors and social workers who can provide the needed services that will impress the police, prosecutors, and courts, and convince them to release you from jail and hopefully dismiss the charges.

Before talking to the police or anyone else about your case, call us today at ThePhillyLawyers.